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  • What happens after I book a “Discovery Tour”?
    After booking a Discovery Tour you will receive an email confirmation to the email address you provide. The email will contain a Zoom link to join your tour on the chosen date.
  • How do I join my tour?
    You join your tour by clicking on the link provided in the experience invitation.
  • What time zones are the tours in?
    The tours are live in each time zone that the experience will be hosted in. For the “Discovery Tour”, the time you see available during booking is in your own time zone.
  • How do I find the tour that I am interested in?
    You simply go to there you will find details of the experiences we offer.
  • How do I add a tour to my calendar?
    As soon as you receive your invitation, it will have a meeting link that can be added to your calendar.
  • Can I suggest a tour location that I want to go to? How?
    Yes, you can suggest a tour location. You can either click the “If there is another tour location you would like to explore please let us know” link above the current tour locations map or email us at We will let you know as soon as the tour location is available for booking.
  • Are these tours private, or will there be others joining this tour as well?
    All of our tours are 100% private and customized for each customer. You and your family & friends will be the only people on the tour with our team.
  • I see on your website that you have a lot more tours? Why aren't they offered here, also?
    Yes, we have tours to many spectacular locations but they are not ancestral tours, focused on your family's background. They are more broadly focused on history, culture, food, architecture and art.
  • Do you offer refunds? What are the conditions? Cancellation policy?
    Please view our cancellation policy in our Heritage Tours Terms and Conditions
  • Can I leave a tip for my tour guide? How?
    Yes, you can. You can leave your guide tip at this link here -
  • How do I turn on closed captions?
    In Zoom, go to More (under the three horizontal dots in the bottom right), in the pop up menu, choose Captions and the language that you would like to read the captioning in.
  • Do you ever add new tour locations? How would I find out about them?
    Yes, we add new locations, all of the time. You can check back on or you can ask to be added to our newsletter.
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